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Hot folder automation at its best

Teams struggling with insufficient or unfriendly output procedures inside leading publishing tools can use axaio MadeToPrint to speed up and to optimize their printing and exporting workflows through standardization.

axaio MadeToPrint Auto allows fully automated print and export from your design document to one or more output targets. The automation process is based on an integrated hot folder support. MadeToPrint Auto includes connectors for vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise, Van Gennep PlanSystem4 and Quark Publishing System. Furthermore it can be integrated with automation systems such as Enfocus Switch.

Fields of application

For publishing environments using Adobe® InDesign®/InCopy® or QuarkXPress® as publishing program

Typically, several teams simultaneously work on a large number of documents, against the deadlines! Today they still run into output flaws, misprints, issues with layers, etc… even with leading layout and publishing tools. axaio MadeToPrint Auto and MadeToPrint Server solve current issues by automating, extending, enhancing, and streamlining printing and output processes. Predefined job sets provide identical output from every file for increased efficiency, as well as considerable time and cost savings.

MadeToPrint seamlessly integrates in any editorial system. Specific integrations have been made with vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise, Van Gennep PlanSystem4, Quark Publishing Platform and Enfocus Switch. Any publisher looking to standardize output in order to decrease cost and errors should have a look at MadeToPrint.

For conventional or digital full service printers

The production processes leading to the final printed document need to be as efficient and reliable as possible, especially when handling specialized documents in multiple languages and versions. axaio MadeToPrint is the ideal gate keeper and offers streamlined and faultless production with standardized file naming, adding info bars, handling language layers and finally providing a fully imposed ready to print file. Needless to say that this adds a tremendous efficiency increase, and considerable time and cost savings. MadeToPrint can easily be integrated in any production automation solution. A configurator for Enfocus Switch enables an easy configuration of the entire workflow.

For creative and production teams

Creative and production teams often struggle with insufficient or unfriendly document output procedures inside industry leading publishing tools. In comes the axaio MadeToPrint, the intelligent printing and exporting add-on to Adobe® InDesign®/InCopy®/QuarkXPress®/Illustrator®. It relieves designers for all technicalities of preparing files for print. It solves output flaws, misprints, issues with layers, etc… by extending, enhancing, checking and streamlining all output processes. Production managers can create output jobsets once, making them available to all users, to get identical output from every workstation with one mouse click.

For packaging design and prepress teams

Today, Adobe Illustrator remains the tool of choice for the creation of packaging designs. At the same time, PDF is gaining popularity as the file format of choice for file exchange and review. With MadeToPrint for Illustrator, axaio provides a solution to automate PDF output from Illustrator with all the advantages such as cost savings and reduced errors.

MadeToPrint for Adobe Illustrator is the perfect tool to automate the creation of different packaging versions, standardize file naming and increase output consistency. Once an output specification is set up in a MadeToPrint JobSet all files processed with that JobSet will consistently fit the same specification. It also allows you to extract all kinds of versions from the same master file, different language versions, low resolution for customer approval, a technical specification version for making the die cuts and more. Packaging designers and pre-press professionals are now able to create PDF files from Illustrator, without having to worry whether complex layer structures are correctly handled, or whether naming conventions and other production specifications are set correctly.


for Adobe® InDesign®MadeToPrint Auto pricing, excl. SMA fee

for Adobe® InDesign®
and for Enfocus Switch
€ 2.490
for vjoon K4 € 4.490
Stdfor WoodWing Enterprise € 4.490
for Van Gennep PlanSystem4 € 4.490

with jobticket mode € 4.490
for Adobe® Illustrator®MadeToPrint Auto pricing, excl. SMA fee
for Adobe® Illustrator® € 4.490
for QuarkXpress®MadeToPrint Auto pricing, excl. SMA fee

for QuarkXPress®
and for Enfocus Switch
€ 2.490
for Quark Publishing Platform € 4.490

Note for SMA: For MadeToPrint Auto, the conclusion of a Software Support and Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is mandatory for the first year after purchase. It amounts to 20% of the list price per year. The contract includes free updates/upgrades as well as technical support and thus offers both technical and financial planning security.


  • Supports Adobe® InDesign® CS5-CC 2019 and
    QuarkXPress® 7 - 2018
  • Supports Adobe® Illustrator®/InCopy® CS5-CC 2018
  • For Windows and Mac

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