Enfocus Switch, MadeToPrint and more for your automated workflow

The Enfocus Integration Partner site is a comprehensive platform around the Enfocus Switch automation solutions that draws together a large community of software vendors offering automation products for publishing workflows. With MadeToPrint axaio software is part of this community.

MadeToPrint Auto/Server integrates seamlessly with Enfocus Switch. It offers highly customizable print and export automation of Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress documents to PDF, IDML, PostScript, EPS, ePub and more. Available as hotfolder based version - MadeToPrint Auto for Switch – or with a dedicated Adobe InDesign Server – MadeToPrint Server for Switch – for high volume environments.

The Enfocus Integration Partner community serves as the perfect online meeting point providing ideas, products and services to users who want to implement integrated and automated workflows using solutions from a variety of vendors.

Speed up the process of automating your workflow!

  • Find flows: If you are looking for a Switch flow, don't reinvent the wheel. Download flows from the Enfocus Partner community.
  • Find solutions: Automate your workflow with the applications you already use today.
    Download trial versions of key publishing applications and integrate them easily in your workflow using Enfocus Switch.
  • Share ideas and get help from experts: Ask questions, post expert answers or find exciting new ideas on the Enfocus blog

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