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The complete list of features, bug fixes and changes of the latest versions can be found here:

MadeToPrint version 3.3.351


  • Compatibility with Adobe InDesign Server 2024


  • Resolved a crash when running twice in the same InDesign session
  • Fixed a bug where MadeToPrint was unable to find Output Jobs in when manually starting the auto mode
  • Fixed a bug where the current document was closed after processing in MadeToPrint Standard processing
  • Improved handling of new InDesign feature “hidden spreads”

MadeToPrint version 3.3.350


  • Compatibility with Adobe InDesign 2024

New Feature

  • Support hidden spreads in parameter overrides (in InDesign 2024)
  • New preflight option to check for missing plugins
  • New option in layer mode where you can choose to include layers whose “printable” is set to “false”
  • New preflight option to check for missing fonts or links independently
  • Jobticket can now contain the actual script code in <preprocess-javascript-data> / <postprocess-javascript-data> instead of path to script
  • Input job ticket can now be in JSON format
  • Result job ticket can be JSON when requested in the input ticket (<ticket-outformat>)
  • New Token “MadeToPrintJob”


  • Fixed a bug where MadeToPrint got stuck in switch mode when processing documents with linked InDesign documents
  • Fixed a bug where Jobticket mode in MadeToPrint Server did not output the preflight report
  • Parameter Overrides for Page Orientation always used Portrait Mode
  • Fixed a bug in Preflight when processing Books
  • Fixed a bug where the auto mode could not be started
  • Fixed a bug where books could not been processed with documents that need conversion
  • Fixed a bug where MadeToPrint crashed in trial mode


  • Optimised Installed in a way that it does not remove other axaio plugins
  • When creating a book in Auto mode (from folder), ignore hidden files and check if files are valid InDesign files
  • Files that got stuck in hotfolder (e.g. because crashing InDesign Server), are now moved to error folder (if one is provided)
  • In Jobticket mode, the result xml will contain missing layer names in <content><message>
  • Scope of preprocess scripts (run per job, layer, page) is now configurable via job ticket

UI enhancements

  • Parameter overrides does allow more than eight overrides per out put job
  • Parameter overrides is integrated into setup panel (no separate dialog anymore)
  • Couple of minor UI enhancements

MadeToPrint version 3.2.346


  • Compatibility with Adobe InDesign 2023

New Feature

  • There is a new feature in layer processing to remove non visible layers from the PDF if only a subset of InDesign-layers are processed


  • Fixed a bug where links needed to be updated after packaging a layout with MadeToPrint: copying the ID package to the final destination does not change the modification date of the links
  • Fixed a bug where metadata was not reachable when working in Woodwing mode
  • Fixed a bug that leads to only one instance running in multi instance processing
  • Fixed a bug where pdf post process variables could not be saved


  • “Show page box” does now also work with layer combinations and single layer output
  • Enhanced integrated InDesign preflight runs only on the page range that is actually exported
  • New version of pdf post processing engine supports additional PDF profiles
  • Smaller improvements in the UI and on internal processing

Caution When processing books, there is a bug when processing books from older InDesign versions as well as needing to update the book document paths. This bug will be adressed in the next release.

MadeToPrint version 3.1.343

New Feature

  • Allows to package/collect layout data before output


  • Improved book processing:
    • Create single page output from book input
    • Search missing links in additional folders had no effect in book mode
    • Process books from older InDesign versions
    • Run pre-process scripts on all book documents
  • Package creation on fileserver volumes/shares did not work properly
  • Package creation from IDML input did not work properly
  • Package creation in Woodwing mode lead to a crash of Auto mode
  • Document Links were read only in Woodwing mode
  • Saving modifications to source document did not work for some documents
  • Some tokens did not work as expected
  • Post processing did not fully work on M1 machines
  • Preflight should run for each layer combination


  • Some minor UI optimizations
  • Cleanup of temporary files improved
  • Resolution options for JPG export now allow 2400 dpi
  • Update pdfEngine to version 13
    • Transfer hyperlinks from placed INDD or PDF documents
    • Additional default profiles, e.g. convert to PDF/X6

MadeToPrint version 3.0.337


  • Compatibility with Adobe InDesign 2022
  • Native support for Apple Silicon (ARM/M1) for MadeToPrint for InDesign 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash in Job Set dialog


  • ExtendScript: Added a method to log to MadeToPrint.log in scripts that are used in MadeToPrint Jobs:
    app.theMadeToPrintObject.log("This is a new line in MadeToPrint.log");

MadeToPrint version 2.9.335

Bug fixes:

  • MadeToPrint InDesign Server was sometimes unable to load


  • pdf export presets in Output Job also recognize global presets

MadeToPrint version 2.9.334

bug fixes:

  • InDesign crashed on book export if as output format “Interactive PDF” was chosen
  • Solved Issues with output paths when mixing xml jobticket mode and document auto mode
  • When exporting single pages from an InDesign book, only pages for first document got created
  • Scripts did not run when exporting an InDesign book
  • ePub export works as expected
  • Book export did not work as expected for some features
  • When document in jobticket was unavailable/empty, MadeToPrint Auto ran into a loop


  • Renaming and unification of different terms in the UI (e.g. “Printer” is now “Output”)
  • License registration now also possible without administration permissions
  • Improvements in Installer for finding default install path
  • Preflight report file can now also be placed into the destination folder
  • System temp folder will be used for packaging
  • Links of layouts from Woodwing Enterprise packages were read only

MadeToPrint version 2.8.324

  • Compatibility with Adobe InDesign 2021 for Standard & Auto version

MadeToPrint version 2.8.323

  • Bugfix: MadeToPrint crashed when set was empty
  • Bugfix: Preflight report was missing when only running InDesign preflight
  • Bugfix: Token sequence editor removed existing text when inserting token
  • Bugfix: PageRange from jobticket xml was not recognized
  • Bugfix: Checkbox “View PDF after export” was ignored (always true) in book mode
  • Bugfix: InDesign Server crashes when document contained a placed InDesign document
  • New: Jobticket and Switch mode can now handle InDesign books
  • New: Document name for “Embed external content” is taken from external file name (was MTPdoc only)
  • New: New MadeForLayers version integrated (layer functionality)
  • New: When running a job set its name is also logged to MadeToPrint.log
  • New: Configuration names can handle UTF-8 characters

MadeToPrint version 2.7.315

  • New: XML Jobtickets can now work with relative paths in <document>, <output-path>, <scripts…>, etc.
  • Bugfix: When working with books, preflight report was not found
  • Bugfix: In some constellations, missing preflight reports stopped auto mode
  • MadeToPrint uses the system temp folder for temp files [Windows]
  • Importing of a Set also imports the associated Printjobs (when .joboptions files are next to the imported set)
  • Tokens can be used Parameter Overrides values
  • Temporary book name when processing complete folders with multiple files is now name of the folder

MadeToPrint version 2.7.313

  • New: Parameter Overrides for JPG export
  • New: MadeToPrint Server UI can edit, delete, duplicate configurations
  • New: InDesign menu entry to go directly to the editing mode (Plug-Ins → MadeToPrint Jobs → Define)
  • Job list in edit mode selects jobs better
  • Dialogs are no longer “hidden” behind the main window
  • In batch processing, the radio buttons were reversed

MadeToPrint version 2.7.312

  • Feature: new Token SCRIPTLABEL
  • MadeForLayers updated

MadeToPrint version 2.7.310

  • Feature: when running sets, using the page ranges from the included settings can be used
  • Bugfix with single page output when using jobtickets
  • Bugfix in token engine when filename contains ”(_)”
  • MadeForLayers updated
  • New version of pdf post processing engine (version 10)

MadeToPrint version 2.7.309

  • New MadeForLayers included, with display of processing steps meta data
  • Feature: Jobticket mode has a new optional key <singlepageoutput> to change the single page setting of the MadeToPrint job
  • Feature: Jobticket mode has now more information about the processing instance in the out xml ticket

MadeToPrint version 2.7.308

  • New option: “do not create destination folder”, destination folder will not be dynamically created but must exists before export
  • Create seperate pages also for export to INDD
  • Fixed a bug when importing configurations into MadeToPrint Server
  • When creating Packages there is now an option to export IDML and PDF as well (CC 2014 and up)
  • Batch mode takes also IDML files

MadeToPrint version 2.7.307

  • New: processing steps meta data are written to the PDF when set up in MadeForLayers
  • New: new token - SUBPATH (returns the sub path of the document in Batch mode)
  • Fixed an issue in Parameter overrides
  • cmd+c doesn't close dialogs anymore, but rather inserts text as expected
  • After package creation the “locked” attribute is removed from folder

MadeToPrint version 2.7.306

The new version 2.7.306 includes a new feature, optimizations and bug fixes:

  • New: new token – EQUAL
  • vjoon K4 ticket mode – after processing the document, the folder in IN folder is also cleaned up
  • Better handling of parallel job processing (lock files enhanced)
  • Better handling of sections in page label
  • Parameter Overrides feature – printerMarksOffset for PDF has correct data type now
  • “Locked” InDesign files are ignored in IN folder when they can not be processed
  • Warning dialog in auto mode did sometimes crash
  • MadeToPrint InDesign menu does not remove MadeForLayers nor MadeToCompare menu item
  • Order of pages is now exactly as in page range
  • Editing the name of a job does no more select another existing job automatically when having the same name

MadeToPrint version 2.7.304

The new version 2.7.304 includes additional features, optimizations and bug fixes:

  • PostProcess variables can be filled with Tokens
  • Parameter Overrides dialog stays on top after showing help
  • Stability for book processing improved
  • Parameter Overrides: XML tickets can read “enums”, values shown in help dialog
  • Parameter Overrides does not keep old values anymore
  • Package is checked after creation, check for existence of InDesign file

MadeToPrint version 2.7.303

The new version 2.7.303 includes additional features, optimizations and bug fixes:

  • New MadeToPrint Server UI with the option to import and change MadeToPrint configurations
  • When using a time limited/subscription license the MadeToPrint Server UI now shows the remaining time
  • Post process scripts are executed, even if there was a preflight error
  • More options in the page range feature, e.g. sections
  • Several smaller bug fixes in the MadeToPrint UI handling

MadeToPrint version 2.6.296

  • Compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud 2015
  • PDF Export for documents with large objects on master page is much faster
  • K4 ticket mode can process packages (for new K4 font feature)
  • Several bug fixes for drawing lines (page box feature)
  • Imposition did not work for some configurations

MadeToPrint version 2.6.290

Major New Features

For all versions:

  • Preprocess scripts can be executed per scope: job, page or layer
  • After installation settings from an previous InDesign version can be imported
  • When copying/moving files to a server the operation is repeated in case of failure (e.g. temporary loss of server connection)
  • Book export: Layers can be exported separately

MadeToPrint Standard

  • MadeToPrint-Jobs can be run via InDesign Shortcuts (First ten print jobs are listed in menu, can be ordered by rating)

MadeToPrint Standard & Auto

  • Compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

MadeToPrint Auto & Server

  • Scanning of files for multiple jobs is much faster

Other Changes and Bugfixes:

  • Parameter Overrides: PDF/X-4:2010 can be chosen for Standard Compliance (is PDF/X-4:2007 for ID 5 - ID 7.0)
  • Preflight report file is UTF 8
  • Overwriting output files improved
  • JPEG export handles transparency for correct output
  • TokenEngine: Token result can now contain apostrophe or quotes
  • SwitchMode: MTP_ID_Pre_StatusInfo.txt contains the right information
  • Fixed a problem with truncated file names for overwritten files on certain operating systems

MadeToPrint version 2.5.287


  • new export mode “PDF (Interactive)”
  • Server JavaScript editMtpAutoJob() has additional parameter for priority, needs Server UI 2.5.285.


  • When Distiller is used, MadeToPrint waits until the PDF file is readable
  • K4 Tickets were not processed


  • Preflight panel closed before processing, did crash sometimes [WIN]

MadeToPrint version 2.5.284


  • hotfolder can have priority. Higher priority hotfolders are processed completely before other hotfolders are scanned.
  • PNG export can now use smoothing options
  • TIFF export can now use smoothing options
  • layer handling: Print layer views by name


  • fixed bug in external library, which caused some installation to export false PDFs
  • order of pages is exactly as in the page range string
  • page range from jobticket can also be used for jobsets
  • infobar preview is shown in InDesign CC on Mac again
  • scaling and moving of page content when using Infobar works again


  • better handling of distiller processes
  • better handling of PDF post process
  • pdfToolbox version is updated [pdfEngine 7.0.1 (252)] (more PDF profiles to choose from)
  • K4 MetaData can now be accessed in K4 v6


  • enhanced stability and speed

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