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The complete list of features, bug fixes and changes of the latest versions can be found here:

MadeToPrint version 3.0.337


  • Compatibility with Adobe InDesign 2022
  • Native support for Apple Silicon (ARM/M1) for MadeToPrint for InDesign 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash in Job Set dialog


  • ExtendScript: Added a method to log to MadeToPrint.log in scripts that are used in MadeToPrint Jobs:
    app.theMadeToPrintObject.log("This is a new line in MadeToPrint.log");

MadeToPrint version 2.9.335

Bug fixes:

  • MadeToPrint InDesign Server was sometimes unable to load


  • pdf export presets in Output Job also recognize global presets

MadeToPrint version 2.9.334

bug fixes:

  • InDesign crashed on book export if as output format “Interactive PDF” was chosen
  • Solved Issues with output paths when mixing xml jobticket mode and document auto mode
  • When exporting single pages from an InDesign book, only pages for first document got created
  • Scripts did not run when exporting an InDesign book
  • ePub export works as expected
  • Book export did not work as expected for some features
  • When document in jobticket was unavailable/empty, MadeToPrint Auto ran into a loop


  • Renaming and unification of different terms in the UI (e.g. “Printer” is now “Output”)
  • License registration now also possible without administration permissions
  • Improvements in Installer for finding default install path
  • Preflight report file can now also be placed into the destination folder
  • System temp folder will be used for packaging
  • Links of layouts from Woodwing Enterprise packages were read only

MadeToPrint version 2.8.324

  • Compatibility with Adobe InDesign 2021 for Standard & Auto version

MadeToPrint version 2.8.323

  • Bugfix: MadeToPrint crashed when set was empty
  • Bugfix: Preflight report was missing when only running InDesign preflight
  • Bugfix: Token sequence editor removed existing text when inserting token
  • Bugfix: PageRange from jobticket xml was not recognized
  • Bugfix: Checkbox “View PDF after export” was ignored (always true) in book mode
  • Bugfix: InDesign Server crashes when document contained a placed InDesign document
  • New: Jobticket and Switch mode can now handle InDesign books
  • New: Document name for “Embed external content” is taken from external file name (was MTPdoc only)
  • New: New MadeForLayers version integrated (layer functionality)
  • New: When running a job set its name is also logged to MadeToPrint.log
  • New: Configuration names can handle UTF-8 characters

MadeToPrint version 2.7.315

  • New: XML Jobtickets can now work with relative paths in <document>, <output-path>, <scripts…>, etc.
  • Bugfix: When working with books, preflight report was not found
  • Bugfix: In some constellations, missing preflight reports stopped auto mode
  • MadeToPrint uses the system temp folder for temp files [Windows]
  • Importing of a Set also imports the associated Printjobs (when .joboptions files are next to the imported set)
  • Tokens can be used Parameter Overrides values
  • Temporary book name when processing complete folders with multiple files is now name of the folder

MadeToPrint version 2.7.313

  • New: Parameter Overrides for JPG export
  • New: MadeToPrint Server UI can edit, delete, duplicate configurations
  • New: InDesign menu entry to go directly to the editing mode (Plug-Ins → MadeToPrint Jobs → Define)
  • Job list in edit mode selects jobs better
  • Dialogs are no longer “hidden” behind the main window
  • In batch processing, the radio buttons were reversed

MadeToPrint version 2.7.312

  • Feature: new Token SCRIPTLABEL
  • MadeForLayers updated

MadeToPrint version 2.7.310

  • Feature: when running sets, using the page ranges from the included settings can be used
  • Bugfix with single page output when using jobtickets
  • Bugfix in token engine when filename contains ”(_)”
  • MadeForLayers updated
  • New version of pdf post processing engine (version 10)

MadeToPrint version 2.7.309

  • New MadeForLayers included, with display of processing steps meta data
  • Feature: Jobticket mode has a new optional key <singlepageoutput> to change the single page setting of the MadeToPrint job
  • Feature: Jobticket mode has now more information about the processing instance in the out xml ticket

MadeToPrint version 2.7.308

  • New option: “do not create destination folder”, destination folder will not be dynamically created but must exists before export
  • Create seperate pages also for export to INDD
  • Fixed a bug when importing configurations into MadeToPrint Server
  • When creating Packages there is now an option to export IDML and PDF as well (CC 2014 and up)
  • Batch mode takes also IDML files

MadeToPrint version 2.7.307

  • New: processing steps meta data are written to the PDF when set up in MadeForLayers
  • New: new token - SUBPATH (returns the sub path of the document in Batch mode)
  • Fixed an issue in Parameter overrides
  • cmd+c doesn't close dialogs anymore, but rather inserts text as expected
  • After package creation the “locked” attribute is removed from folder

MadeToPrint version 2.7.306

The new version 2.7.306 includes a new feature, optimizations and bug fixes:

  • New: new token – EQUAL
  • vjoon K4 ticket mode – after processing the document, the folder in IN folder is also cleaned up
  • Better handling of parallel job processing (lock files enhanced)
  • Better handling of sections in page label
  • Parameter Overrides feature – printerMarksOffset for PDF has correct data type now
  • “Locked” InDesign files are ignored in IN folder when they can not be processed
  • Warning dialog in auto mode did sometimes crash
  • MadeToPrint InDesign menu does not remove MadeForLayers nor MadeToCompare menu item
  • Order of pages is now exactly as in page range
  • Editing the name of a job does no more select another existing job automatically when having the same name

MadeToPrint version 2.7.304

The new version 2.7.304 includes additional features, optimizations and bug fixes:

  • PostProcess variables can be filled with Tokens
  • Parameter Overrides dialog stays on top after showing help
  • Stability for book processing improved
  • Parameter Overrides: XML tickets can read “enums”, values shown in help dialog
  • Parameter Overrides does not keep old values anymore
  • Package is checked after creation, check for existence of InDesign file

MadeToPrint version 2.7.303

The new version 2.7.303 includes additional features, optimizations and bug fixes:

  • New MadeToPrint Server UI with the option to import and change MadeToPrint configurations
  • When using a time limited/subscription license the MadeToPrint Server UI now shows the remaining time
  • Post process scripts are executed, even if there was a preflight error
  • More options in the page range feature, e.g. sections
  • Several smaller bug fixes in the MadeToPrint UI handling

MadeToPrint version 2.6.296

  • Compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud 2015
  • PDF Export for documents with large objects on master page is much faster
  • K4 ticket mode can process packages (for new K4 font feature)
  • Several bug fixes for drawing lines (page box feature)
  • Imposition did not work for some configurations

MadeToPrint version 2.6.290

Major New Features

For all versions:

  • Preprocess scripts can be executed per scope: job, page or layer
  • After installation settings from an previous InDesign version can be imported
  • When copying/moving files to a server the operation is repeated in case of failure (e.g. temporary loss of server connection)
  • Book export: Layers can be exported separately

MadeToPrint Standard

  • MadeToPrint-Jobs can be run via InDesign Shortcuts (First ten print jobs are listed in menu, can be ordered by rating)

MadeToPrint Standard & Auto

  • Compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

MadeToPrint Auto & Server

  • Scanning of files for multiple jobs is much faster

Other Changes and Bugfixes:

  • Parameter Overrides: PDF/X-4:2010 can be chosen for Standard Compliance (is PDF/X-4:2007 for ID 5 - ID 7.0)
  • Preflight report file is UTF 8
  • Overwriting output files improved
  • JPEG export handles transparency for correct output
  • TokenEngine: Token result can now contain apostrophe or quotes
  • SwitchMode: MTP_ID_Pre_StatusInfo.txt contains the right information
  • Fixed a problem with truncated file names for overwritten files on certain operating systems

MadeToPrint version 2.5.287


  • new export mode “PDF (Interactive)”
  • Server JavaScript editMtpAutoJob() has additional parameter for priority, needs Server UI 2.5.285.


  • When Distiller is used, MadeToPrint waits until the PDF file is readable
  • K4 Tickets were not processed


  • Preflight panel closed before processing, did crash sometimes [WIN]

MadeToPrint version 2.5.284


  • hotfolder can have priority. Higher priority hotfolders are processed completely before other hotfolders are scanned.
  • PNG export can now use smoothing options
  • TIFF export can now use smoothing options
  • layer handling: Print layer views by name


  • fixed bug in external library, which caused some installation to export false PDFs
  • order of pages is exactly as in the page range string
  • page range from jobticket can also be used for jobsets
  • infobar preview is shown in InDesign CC on Mac again
  • scaling and moving of page content when using Infobar works again


  • better handling of distiller processes
  • better handling of PDF post process
  • pdfToolbox version is updated [pdfEngine 7.0.1 (252)] (more PDF profiles to choose from)
  • K4 MetaData can now be accessed in K4 v6


  • enhanced stability and speed

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