• Why MadeToPrint?
    In the webinar hold by Olaf Drümmer (CEO) you will learn why customers worldwide use MadeToPrint and what benefits it could have for your workflow.
  • Creating Jobsets in MadeToPrint
    How to export a high resolution PDF, a low resolution PDF and an InDesign package at the same time? All you have to do is to create Printjobs for different output qualities/channels and then combine them into a Jobset.
  • Register MadeToPrint Server
    This tutorial shows how to register MadeToPrint Server on Windows, dealing with Administrator priviledges.

MadeForLayers as part of MadeToPrint

  • Language layers in MadeForLayers
    How to create and use language layers (layer views) in MadeForLayers. The best way to save a lot of time with multi-lingual layouts.
  • Layer Views in Packaging
    Example how MadeForLayers can ease up your packaging workflow giving you the chance for reliable switching between different layout views.

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