Learn how to use axaio products

To become familiar with our products and to search for specific requirements, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our comprehensive online documentation.

Products Tutorials

Please have a look at our online tutorials. With Screenshots and step-by-step explanation they help to configure and use our products
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Product Release notes

Please have a look at our release notes to see MadeToPrint and MadeToTag updates including new features and bug fixes.
Click here to read the MadeToPrint release notes.
Click here to read the MadeToTag release notes.

Support through our resellers worldwide

You need more information or technical support? Please contact the partner from whom you purchased MadeToPrint, MadeToTag, MadeForLayers or MadeToCompare
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axaio software support

When you are in need for specific support on the axaio products and you have a valid software maintenance agreement with axaio, please contact or dial the support number listed in your agreement.

General License Agreement

The use of all products from axaio software is governed by the "General License and Support Conditions" - please read carefully before downloading any of our products.

Support and Maintenance Agreement

When purchasing axaio software products you can also purchase a “Support and Maintenance Agreement” which includes free of charge access to all minor and major updates/upgrades throughout the agreement and also premium support through our dedicated support team. Click here for more information.