axaio releases MadeToTag update 2.2.107

We are pleased to inform you that a bugfix release of MadeToTag is immediately available. The update version 2.2.107 contains some bug fixes:

Occasionally, MadeToTag export failed for some documents because MadeToTag could not create a temporary document for processing. In this case the error message “Could not copy document to temp file” or “Package can't create folder” appeared. This error could be fixed with the new version.

In some cases, the list numbering could be wrong. This happened when using the InDesign list function for automatic numbering of headings or captions and when optimizing anchored frames during export. This bug has also been fixed in version 2.2.107.

We have also resolved an Adobe InDesign export bug that caused an incorrect encoding after the export in the PDF, when using InDesign text variables (error message: “ToUnicode CMap with a Unicode value of U+FEFF or U+FFFE”).

The full release notes for the new MadeToTag version 2.2.107 can be found here.

All customers are recommended to download and install the new version 2.2.107, for their specific InDesign version

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