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Berlin, June 18, 2013 – axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing market, announces the immediate compatibility of its InDesign plug-in MadeToTag with the new InDesign CC.

Adobe has just released Creative Cloud, and axaio’s MadeToTag solution already works with the new InDesign CC version. axaio software CEO Olaf Drümmer is very excited: “Whether our customers continue to work with InDesign CS 6 or the new, fully 64 bit enabled InDesign CC – MadeToTag dramatically increases the productivity for users creating accessible tagged PDFs from their InDesign documents. In line with the spirit of Adobe's continuous product delivery philosophy, enhancements and new features are added to MadeToTag every two to three months, though we continue to sell conventional licenses. A subscription based licensing option could be added at a later stage.”

Creative Cloud gives customers the possibility to connect different computers through a real-time communication network. A membership gives them and their team access to the very latest versions of all the Adobe professional creative desktop applications such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and more — plus new features and upgrades as soon as they are available. With Creative Cloud, their entire creative work gets its own central dashboard to keep their ideas, files, fonts, settings, notifications, desktop applications, and team members in sync. But other than the name implies the applications are live on their desktop; not in the browser and not in the cloud.

MadeToTag for CC

axaio MadeToTag is an InDesign plugin that helps tagging InDesign files in a user-friendly, logically structured and intuitive way – whether they are created in the cloud or on the desktop. A very handy list of shortcuts for quick and easy tagging, problem locators to avoid mistakes and previews of collected or not collected articles for a better overview, increase the operator’s productivity and therefore saves precious time.

With MadeToTag Adobe InDesign documents can be prepared for export to tagged PDFs much easier, faster and more complete. It offers easy to use quality control and substantially reduces errors.

Instead of tedious dragging and dropping, InDesign files can easily be structured via shortcuts. MadeToTag includes a problem locator that identifies and automatically fixes problems usually encountered within InDesign such as incorrect hyphens, misplaced hard returns or incorrectly formatted lists. It also locates images or graphics that do not have a descriptive text, which is required for creating accessible PDFs. Missing descriptive text can be added within seconds. A special language feature controls and enhances settings for paragraph and character styles as well as for local formatting.

MadeToTag is an intuitive, fast and reliable tagging tool. Tagged PDFs enable assistive devices, such as screen reader software programs, to offer easy navigation and accessible presentation of content in PDF files.

Pricing and availability

A free trial version of MadeToTag is available on the axaio website and can be used without any restrictions. As of July axaio MadeToTag will be commercially available and costs 149 Euro (excl. VAT). Discounts for multi-user licenses are available as of 10 licenses (1290 Euro excl. VAT).

MadeToTag works with CS5.5, CS6 and CC (Creative Cloud) on the same machine and is available for Mac (10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8) and Windows (Vista and Windows 7/8). After having purchased MadeToTag, updates will be free of charge for one year after the date of purchase. For customers who purchase MadeToTag before the official release date, the official launch date is relevant for the free updates. We have many ideas for MadeToTag; so updates are provided every 2-3 months. In order to benefit from MadeToTag updates after one year, customers will need to purchase a new MadeToTag license for the full price ruling then. Customers, who are not interested in further updates, can continue to use the purchased version.

MadeToTag is available in many different languages: English, German, French, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese – other languages will follow soon.

About axaio software

axaio streamlines PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator and QuarkXPress environments. Its flagship product, MadeToPrint, vastly enhances the reliability of PDF creation, print output processes as well as export to other file formats and seamlessly integrates into editorial environments based on vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise 7, Van Gennep PlanSystem4 or Quark Publishing System. Another topic axaio software is focusing on is the generation of accessible documents, a theme of growing importance. axaio solutions are being used by publishing houses, advertisement agencies, prepress service providers and packaging companies all over the world. axaio software actively supports the international PDF standards and is member of the PDF Association. More information on the axaio website:

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