Create accessible PDFs with Adobe InDesign CS 5.5-CC and axaio MadeToTag

Accessible PDF with InDesign made easy

This sequence of screen recordings explains and demonstrates how to create accessible PDF using Adobe InDesign CS 5.5-CC and axaio MadeToTag. The focus of the 8 steps of this tutorial is on the following five core principles:

  • semantic role
  • reading order
  • alternative text for images and graphics
  • contrast
  • metadata

Obviously a recording of a two hour introductory session does not cover all details that are relevant when the goal is a 100% accessible and fully PDF/UA conforming PDF document. Nevertheless, for a surprisingly huge portion of documents following the five core principles listed above will result in almost perfectly accessible PDF documents.

Part 1: Five core principles

Part 2: Export tags

Part 3: Reading order

Part 4: Alternative text

Part 5: Contrast

Part 6: Metadata

Part 7: Export to tagged PDF

Part 8: Checking the exported PDF

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