Key Features

  • Define export tags for document styles
  • Practical color highlight check of the export tags
  • Structure content using articles
  • Correct tagging of lists, links and table of content
  • Provide alternate text for images and graphics
  • Easy tagging of complex tables by table rows and columns
  • Allocation of languages used in the document for an enhanced language output
  • Repair features for common problems as incorrectly defined lists, empty paragraphs; etc.
  • Reliable processing of tags included in anchored frame, i.e. titles and lists
  • Comfortable handling of interactive form fields
  • Control document metadata
  • Check for insufficient color contrast
  • Export of complete InDesign books as tagged PDF
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quickest MadeToTag operation
  • Tagging preview to intuitively and quickly check tagging quality based on callas pdfGoHTML
  • Reliable and intuitive user interface flow
  • Export as tagged PDF based on the PDF/UA Standard (accessible PDF)
  • Export as PDF/UA-2a for longterm archiving with tagged content

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