MadeToPrint Server

Benefits compared to the MadeToPrint Auto version

  • Combines the power, performance and stability of Adobe InDesign Server with the various output options of MadeToPrint = a turnkey product bundle with all the necessary output functions
  • Makes programming and scripting output functions for InDesign Server a thing of the past = a secure, standard solution rather than a development project
  • Comes with its own graphical interface for setting up output jobs directly on the Adobe InDesign Server = simple, convenient configuration
  • Real server solution that includes options for remote operation within a closed network = output server and client can operate separately
  • Available as single or multiple instance = scalable effect through simultaneous execution of multiple processes using multi instance option
  • Supports vjoon K4, WoodWing Studio, Van Gennep PlanSystem4 = fully-automated, status-based output directly from the content management system
  • Integrable with Enfocus Switch

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