MadeToTag version 3.0.128 with new preset feature

axaio announces that a major update of MadeToTag is immediately available. In addition to the extensive improvements, the current version 3.0.128 includes a new feature that provides additional comfort and flexibility for MadeToTag's PDF export.

NEW: Export presets

In MadeToTag task 7, users have always been able to select individual PDF export settings. However, it can become time-consuming to have to select these settings repeatedly for returning projects. Moreover, errors may easily occur if settings have been possibly forgotten. To overcome this, the new feature “Preset” has been introduced in MadeToTag task 7. With this additional option, users can now bundle export settings into presets and save them for future projects:

MadeToTag screenshot with preset feature

Next to the time savings, the creation of export presets increases the control and flexibility when generating accessible PDF files with MadeToTag. In this way, specially defined presets can be stored for regular PDF outputs for specific projects, customers and publications and then executed with just one click. The new preset feature also offers an efficient and convenient method for creating outputs with different image resolutions, for example:

Watch the intro video here.

Improvements & bug fixes

PDF bookmarks allow a better overview of a PDF content and a faster navigation through the document. When opening PDF files created with MadeToTag, the bookmarks panel is now automatically displayed to make it easier for the reader to jump or return to specific PDF content.

In the table feature of MadeToTag, certain documents could cause tables to be moved from the right to the left side if the option “Optimize anchored frames” was activated in the last MadeToTag task 7. This display error has been fixed in the new version. Furthermore, the table attribute is added to tables that were created with the 'Smart header mode' of MadeToTag. This ensures that the tagging structure of the table is represented correctly.

Further improvements:

  • In Book mode: fixed PAC warning 'Possibly inappropriate use of a “Link” structure and “Figure” structure' when having a link on an image/logo
  • Improvement when suggesting a new article name
  • ”Deactivation“ entry has been added to the about dialog
  • Checkbox “Reduce structure to predefined types“ moved from Task 1 to Task 7 “Export Presets” (Advanced-Tab)
  • MadeToTag with additional entry in the Plug-Ins menu of InDesign
  • Multiple minor UI enhancements for a better handling

Fixed a bug where ...

  • Bookmarks were incorrect if they were automatically created in post-processing
  • Paragraph styles inside a style group were not post-processed correctly
  • The “Export Tags | Language” fly out menu entries were not updated
  • The problem locator “Set export tag as prefix …” only returned “error“
  • InDesign crashed on MacOS InDesign 2024 with MadeToTag installed
  • In book mode, fonts have been missing for output and links in table of contents where not correct

The entire list of the release notes of MadeToTag version 3.0.128 can be reviewed here again:

All customers are recommended to download and install version 3.0.128.Click here to download.


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