New MadeToPrint version 3.3.351 available, incl. Adobe InDesign Server compatibility 2024

axaio software hereby announces the compatibility of MadeToPrint Server with Adobes latest InDesign Server version 2024 (v19.0).

axaio MadeToPrint Server for Adobe InDesign Server 2024 automates print and output processes to ensure production at the highest quality level. The InDesign Server, combined with MadeToPrint Server, enables the parallel processing of various MadeToPrint jobs by distributing them across different InDesign Server instances, especially beneficial in high-volume document creation, saving production time. Additionally, automatic document load balancing across the instances maximizes computer power and avoids idle times in production.

The new MadeToPrint version 3.3.351 (Standard, Auto & Server) contains important bug fixes and some minor improvements:

Fixed a bug ...
  • Where MadeToPrint was unable to find output jobs when manually starting the auto mode
  • Where MadeToPrint crashed when running twice in the same InDesign session
  • Where the current document was closed after processing in MadeToPrint Standard

The entire list of the release notes of MadeToPrint version 3.3.351 can be reviewed here again:

All customers are recommended to download and install version 3.3.351. No new registration key is needed as long as the same major InDesign version is used. Click here to download.

MadeToPrint Server maintenance customers can obtain the new version as well as the MadeToPrint upgrade to InDesign Server 2024 via their responsible sales partner or by sending a request to


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