MadeToPrint & MadeForLayers support Adobe InDesign/InDesign Server 2023

Berlin/Germany – November 28, 2022 – axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF output, print and editorial workflows for the publishing and print market as well as for creation of accessible PDF documents, announces the immediate availability of MadeToPrint (v 3.2.346) and MadeForLayers (v1.4.055) wit Adobe's latest InDesign/InDesign Server version 2023 (v18.0).

With the new features and improvements in Adobe InDesign 2023, such as to automatically format texts using content-based style packages as well as the support of new graphic formats including HEIC, WEBP and JP2K, the experience of working with InDesign has been enhanced even further. We are therefore pleased to announce that the axaio tools MadeToPrint (Standard & Auto) and MadeForLayers are immediately compatible with Adobe's InDesign/InDesign Server version 2023.

MadeToPrint is the international industry standard for the automation of print output processes in Adobe InDesign/InDesign Server (among others). By standardizing repetitive print and export settings merging even complex output steps, and ensuring consistent output results using tailor-made proofing profiles, the output reliability of formats such as PDF, EPS, etc. is significantly increased and production time reduced. The Server version of MadeToPrint in combination with Adobe ID Server guarantees maximal stability and an improved performance, especially in environments with high-volume document production.

At a glance: Improvements and bug fixes MadeToPrint version 3.2.346 

  • Support for Adobe InDesign/InDesign Server 2023 (v18.0)
  • Fixed a bug where links needed to be updated after packaging a layout with MadeToPrint: copying the ID package to the final destination does not change the modification date of the links
  • Fixed a bug where metadata was not reachable when working in Woodwing mode
  • Enhanced “Show page box” to also work with layer combinations and single
  • New version of pdf post processing engine supports additional PDF profiles
  • Enhanced integrated InDesign preflight runs only on the page range that is actually exported
  • Smaller improvements in the UI and on internal processing

The entire release notes of the new MadeToPrint 3.2.346 version can be found here.

MadeForLayers as a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, simplifies the editing of documents that contain a large number of layers. Multiple layers are combined into layer views to display document versions, such as a technical or language-specific version, with a single click. Errors are minimized and valuable layout time is saved by reusing previously created layer views. MadeForLayers is included as an integrated functionality in MadeToPrint by default, for an automated output of layer views to various export formats.


The new versions of MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers for Adobe InDesign 2023 are immediately available. A free 30-day trial version can be downloaded here.

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