MadeToPrint & MadeForLayers for Adobe InDesign 2022 available, incl. Apple M1 support

Berlin/Germany – November 11, 2021 – axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF output automation as well as for creation of accessible PDF, announces the compatibility of axaio MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers with Adobe InDesign 2022 (17.0). In addition, both tools support Apple's M1 chip as of InDesign 2022.

MadeToPrint Standard & Auto for Adobe InDesign 2022 (17.0)

axaio MadeToPrint is the intelligent print and export extension for Adobe InDesign to work efficiently and to produce flawlessly. With the current version 3.0.337, it can also be used in Adobe's latest InDesign version 2022 (v17.0). Standardized MadeToPrint processes relieve production managers of manual, technical output settings that are necessary for print preparation to ensure proper and consistent output results.

As of Adobe InDesign version 2022, MadeToPrint also supports Apple's M1 processor to enable the production on the powerful ARM-based chip computers. In addition, the axaio team has been working on MadeToPrint's technical performance improvement over the past few months, incorporating various development innovations under the hood. These changes result, among other things, in a better and faster response to future InDesign changes in order to be able to offer customers the best possible support.

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MadeForLayers for Adobe InDesign 2022 (17.0)

axaio MadeForLayers saves layout time and minimizes errors when working with InDesign documents that contain a large number of layers. MadeForLayers allows layer combinations to be saved in layer views in the document. As a default functionality component of MadeToPrint, MadeForLayers allows layer views to be output automatically and in one go. In this way, output formats for e.g. different regional or language-specific versions can be created in a very short time.

With the current MadeForLayers version 1.4.054, the plug-in is now compatible with InDesign 2022 and supports Apple M1.


The new versions of MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers for Adobe InDesign 2022 are immediately available. Free 30-day trial versions can be downloaded from the axaio website.

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