axaio releases new MadeToTag version 2.2.106

We are pleased to announce that an update version of MadeToTag is now available. The new version 2.2.106 contains several improvements as well as bug fixes.

Among others, a bug related to the use of fonts has been fixed: when exporting from MadeToTag, it could happen that not the original font was being used, but a substitute font. With the new version the font handling works reliably again.

Furthermore, it happened that certain documents caused InDesign program crashes; in other documents, the “Anchored Frame Option” in MadeToTag sometimes led to errors in the automatic numbering of headings. These two issues have also been fixed with the current version.

As a new minor improvement, a progress dialog is now displayed during the export process, which informs the user about the current status of the MadeToTag output.

MadeToTag also addresses an InDesign weakness to ensure PDF/UA compliance: when exporting documents with frames containing variables, InDesign does not generate a valid PDF/UA respectively the PDF document contains errors which prevent PDF/UA compliance. When exporting with axaio MadeToTag, this error is eliminated so that the output PDF complies with the guidelines of the PDF/UA standard.

The complete release notes for the new MadeToTag version 2.2.106 can be found here.

We recommend all customers to download and install the new version 2.2.106, for their specific InDesign version. Click here to download.

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