New MadeToTag version 2.0.102 immediately available

Berlin, February 23, 2021 – We are pleased to inform you that a new version of MadeToTag (v2.0.102) is immediately available. It contains some minor bug fixes, but especially an improved license registration mechanism.

In the last time we encountered problems during license registration of MadeToTag, so that activating the product was only possible by taking additional, time-consuming steps. With the new version 2.0.102 we have adjusted the registration mechanisms so that the activation now works smoothly again.

Furthermore, the bug fixes and improvements of the last released MadeToTag version (v1.9.101) for InDesign 2021 are now also available for all other InDesign versions. Please find here again the list of these bug fixes:

  • Captions are inserted at correct position in the tag tree
  • German Umlauts are displayed properly
  • “Link footnotes” no longer shows an incorrect error
  • Fixed bug when exporting to PDF/A-2a
  • Fixed bug when exporting with MathML, where the PAC error “Formula structure element without alternative text” was displayed
  • PDF post-processing works throughout correctly
  • “Object is locked” hint no longer appears when using anchored frame optimization

The entire list of the release notes for MadeToTag version 2.0.102 can be found here

We recommend all customers to download and install the update 2.0.102 for their specific InDesign version

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