MadeToPrint Server for Adobe InDesign 2021 Server immediately available

After Adobe recently released InDesign Server 2021 (v16.0), we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of MadeToPrint Server for Adobe’s latest InDesign Server version.

axaio MadeToPrint Server for InDesign Server 2021 automates printing and output processes in order to produce cost-effectively and at the highest quality level. Adobe provides with InDesign Server 2021 a robust and scalable engine that enhances the design, layout, and printing capabilities of InDesign by enabling documents to be created fully automated.

The multi-instance option of InDesign Server 2021 in combination with MadeToPrint Server allows the processing of a variety of MadeToPrint jobs in parallel, which increases efficiency in high-volume document production to a great extent. The load balancing maximizes computer power and avoids idle times in production. MadeToPrint Server can be configured remotely and guarantees higher reliability, stability and improved performance of all output workflows in InDesign Server-based environments.


MadeToPrint Server for Adobe InDesign Server 2021 is immediately available and can be purchased with or without the Adobe InDesign Server part from axaio.

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