MadeToPrint update – Server UI and token improvements

Berlin – February 26, 2014 - axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, announces the availability of a maintenance release for MadeToPrint Server and an extension of the MadeToPrint token engine (the variable language used by all MadeToPrint products).

Updated MadeToPrint Server UI

This maintenance update for MadeToPrint Server brings its user interface in sync with version 2.5 of MadeToPrint Auto released last January. That release added the ability to assign priorities to hot folders to determine the order in which folders are scanned and jobs are processed. This allows for example to give archival workflows a lower priority than workflows performing urgent production work. The MadeToPrint Server update makes this feature also available in the MadeToPrint Server user interface, offering more flexibility and user-friendliness in MadeToPrint Server.

Additional tokens for added flexibility

The main objective of all versions of MadeToPrint is to standardize output processes so that all different components needed for production are created according to the right specifications, in the right locations and with a predefined standard naming convention. This reduces errors and lead-times and as a result increases rentability of production.

An important part of this process are tokens; these are variables that allow output settings in MadeToPrint to be more flexible and to incorporate various pieces of metadata, ranging from dates and times, over automatically increasing numbers to information from editorial systems. Tokens are available for many aspects of output settings. They can be used to determine where files will be saved, how their name will be created and more. MadeToPrint contains built-in help to work with tokens and allows predefined token lists for recurring needs.

The update for MadeToPrint adds four important new tokens that provide information regarding the number of files generated by an export setting, the sequence in that output and the first and last spread number of the currently exported file (this information was only available for pages until now). The following tokens were added in this maintenance release:

  1. Number of files that is generated («GENERATEDFILESCOUNT()»)
  2. Sequence number of the file («FIRSTPRINTSPREADNUMBER()»
  3. First printed spread («FIRSTPRINTSPREADNUMBER()»
  4. Last printed spread («LASTPRINTSPREADNUMBER()»)

Prices and availability

The update version 2.5.286 of MadeToPrint is free of charge for existing customers and is immediately available.

Free trial versions and updates can be downloaded from the axaio website. To receive a MadeToPrint Server trial or update, please send an e-mail to

MadeToPrint comes in three different flavors:
MadeToPrint Standard is available from € 349, MadeToPrint Auto is available from € 2.490 and MadeToPrint Server sells at € 5.490 (up to Server version CC as subscription model only). MadeToPrint easily integrates with editorial systems from Quark, Van Gennep, vjoon and Woodwing.

About axaio software

axaio streamlines PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator and QuarkXPress environments. Its flagship product, MadeToPrint, vastly enhances the reliability of PDF creation, print output processes as well as export to other file formats and seamlessly integrates into editorial environments based on vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise 7, Van Gennep PlanSystem4 or Quark Publishing System. Another topic axaio software is focusing on is the generation of accessible documents, a theme of growing importance. axaio solutions are being used by publishing houses, advertisement agencies, prepress service providers and packaging companies all over the world. axaio software actively supports the international PDF standards and is member of the PDF Association. More information on the axaio website:

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