axaio software and Van Gennep launch MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4

axaio software, developer of output automation solutions and editorial tools for the printing and publishing industry, in collaboration with Van Gennep, a developer of workflow systems for use in the publishing sector, has announced the availability of MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4 for Adobe InDesign Server CS3/CS4.

MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4: Workflow system for automated output of InDesign layouts directly from the PlanSystem4 database

Three months ago, axaio software and Van Gennep launched their first jointly developed product on the market: MadeToPrint Auto PlanSystem4 – a plug-in for fast, simple and automated output of documents for publishing and printing. Today’s launch of MadeToPrint Server for PlanSystem4 extends the product portfolio to MadeToPrint and PlanSystem4 users onward.

MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4 is an easy-to-use plug-in for InDesign Server CS3/CS4 and represents a bundle of Adobe InDesign Server and its corresponding MadeToPrint Plug-Ins. The PlanSystem4 publishing system is controlled via the job ticket mode of MadeToPrint and permits the automated output of InDesign layouts directly from the publishing database. With the availability of MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4, users of Van Gennep's publishing system are also able to benefit from the high performance and stability of the InDesign Server combined with the time and cost-saving functions of MadeToPrint.

MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4: Operation made easy

The package also includes a program which provides a graphical user interface for the configuration and operation of MadeToPrint Server: MadeToPrint Server UI (User Interface). This application, which is based on Adobe's AIR and Flex technologies, gives InDesign Server a visual presence and enables users to overcome the limitations of command line program control by providing a clear and user-friendly design.

Pricing and availability

MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4 (Single Instance): €8,490 MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4 (Multi Instance): €10,990 MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4 without InDesign Server (for users who already own a full version of Adobe InDesign Server): €6,990.

MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4 is available for Adobe InDesign Server CS3 and CS4. A version for Adobe InDesign Server CS5 will follow shortly.

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