axaio software and Van Gennep announce partnership

axaio software, developer of solutions for output automation and content correction tools for the publishing and printing markets, announces the strategic partnership with Van Gennep, a developer of collaborative workflow systems for the publishing industry.

MadeToPrint Auto for PlanSystem4 – fully automated multi-channel output

Putting their knowledge, experience and technology together, axaio and Van Gennep have created MadeToPrint Auto for PlanSystem4 – an add-on for fast and easy automated output for publishers and their creative service departments. Users of PlanSystem4 now can benefit from the advantages of axaio MadeToPrint fully integrated in their preferred planning and collaboration system. The benefits include:

  • Streamlined print and export operations for any publication
  • Greater functionality and control over any type of output
  • Reduced errors levels hence increased reliability of PDF creation
  • Considerable time and cost saving

“Our mission is to provide cost-effective, user-friendly automation solutions for creatives and publishers, which are tailored to the particular needs of the customer. With Van Gennep we have found another cooperation partner who works for the same aim. MadeToPrint Auto for PlanSystem4 will help customers to improve their planning and collaboration, while streamlining their output processes”, says Karina Zander, Manager Marketing & Sales at axaio software.

The world of MadeToPrint - powerful output automation workflows for multi-channel publishing

MadeToPrint Standard streamlines output to PDF and other file formats from one single publication. MadeToPrint Auto, a plug-in that allows for hands-off standardized output from InDesign. MadeToPrint Server, built on Adobe InDesign Server, offers 24/7 output automation for high volume and high demanding publishing and print environments.

The world of PlanSystem4 – advanced capabilities for planning, production control and digital workflow

PlanSystem4 is a flexible solution, which gives in-depth control of the planning and workflow processes involved in the production of magazines, books, catalogs and in-house publications. Providing real-time communication between everybody in the value chain, including outsourced services such as ad design, it improves cycle times and optimizes profitability.

Gerda Oppewal, Chief Commercial Officer at Van Gennep concludes: “axaio’s MadeTo Print solution is the perfect combination with PlanSystem4. As we are providing a very user-friendly multi-publishing tool that streamlines the publishing process axaio underlines our concept and application, using intuitive programming, visually appealing interfaces and familiar processes to ensure users can pick it up and run with it in no time at all.”

Pricing and availability

The MadeToPrint Auto PlanSystem4 version is immediately available. Pricing: MadeToPrint Auto PlanSystem4 costs € 4.490,-. The version is suitable for Macintosh and Windows under CS4.

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