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The "Problem Locator"

Numerous aspects can go wrong when structuring an InDesign document for export to tagged PDF (or EPUB) - and it is often very difficult or time consuming to identify such problems. MadeToTag offers Problem locators to help a user review such aspects in an InDesign document. In some cases the Problem locator offers a possibility to directly apply a fix, in other cases it only points to a possible problem. It is also important to understand that the Problem locator may bring up instances of an aspect that might be a problem which turns out to not be a problem at all - in such cases a user should simply skip that instance and move to the next instance.

List of Problem locators currently available in MadeToTag

Problem locators are provided in a popup list menu in the MadeToTag panel. You can run them by choosing the needed locator, and then clicking on the Execute button.

Important note: Each of the Problem locators consists of a JavaScript. Each JavaScript is stored in the preferences folder (on a Mac, inside the user's home folder, Library/Preferences/axaio software/Adobe InDesign 7.5/MadeToTag/Scripts). While it is not recommended to modify the existing JavaScripts (they might be overwritten when applying the next MadeToTag update), it is possible to add your own JavaScripts to detect problems that are specific to your own needs. The JavaScripts have to follow certain guidelines. If you are an experienced JavaScript for InDesign developer, and work from a copy of an existing problem locator, you should be able to create your own locators. Once MadeToTag goes shipping, detailed documentation will be provided that explains how to write your own Problem locators. DISCLAIMER: Please be warned that the way Problem locators work in MadeToTag - including how they interface with the MadeToTag plug-in - may be changed any time during pre-release without prior notice. LICENSE: You are free to use the JavaScripts as provided with MadeToTag, and you may create derivative works. If you distribute derivative works, you must always distribute them as readable source code, and allow recipients of the derivative work to use it under the same rules under which you received the JavaScripts as part of MadeToTag and under which you are allowed to create derivative works. A more detailed license will be provided once MadeToTag ships.

Navigate between Problem locators using MadeToTag keyboard shortcuts

It is possible to select and run a certain Problem locator by means of keyboard shorts. For example, if you want to quickly go through all the locators for your document, do the following:

  • Cmd-Shift-1: go to first Problem locator and run it, dealing with possible issues as they are brought up
  • Cmd-Shift-G: choose and run each of the remaining Problem locators, dealing with possible issues as they are brought up
  • if you need to run the current Problem locator again, just use Cmd-Shift-R