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Review and final touches in Acrobat

Open PDF in Acrobat Pro and open Tags panel

The Tags panel for your newly created PDF will reflect the content structure you have created by means of the Article panel in InDesign CS5.5 with the help of MadeToTag.

A few extra steps need to be carried out now to make the tagged PDF a really well behaved tagged PDF. Future versions of InDesign CS or MadeToTag may make it possible to do these extra steps already from within InDesign.

Define tab order - adjust "Page Properties" for all pages

In Acrobat Pro, open the "Pages" panel (the one with the thumbnails for all pages), select all pages, and then in the panel's "Options" menu (the icon in the upper left of the panel) choose "Page Properties..."

Set Tab Order to "Use Document Structure"

In the "Tab Order" section of the Page Properties dialog, choose "Use Document Structure". This will ensure that if for example a screen reader or other tool for people with disabilities uses tabs to go through the document, the order of the tabs will follow the document's structure.

Document Properties: Use Document Title, open document with Bookmarks panel shown

In order to take care of a small but really important detail, please go to the Document Properties dialog (from File -> Properties, or simply use the keyboard shortcut Cmd-D), go to the Initial View section of the dialog, then set the value for Show to Document Title. This ensures that a screen reader will read out the document title, not the often very arbitrary and uniforming file name.

You may also want to set Navigation tab to Bookmarks Panel and Page though this it not really mandatory.

Acrobat Pro now showing the document title from the metadata in the document window's title area

It is always a good idea to double check whether the document title in the document metadata is what you wanted it to be. If it needs to be adjusted, you may want to adjust right in Acrobat's Document Properties dialog, in the Description section. But also make sure to adjust in InDesign, so that for a possible next round of exports you do not have to fix it over and over again.

Set default language for the PDF

As InDesign CS5.5 has no option to set the default language for the exported PDF document, this needs to be done in Acrobat – simply go to the Advanced section in the Document Properties dialog and set the Language filed to the appropriate language (that would be English in our example).

Documents default language set to English

Once the default language is set correctly, a screenreader can use the right voice to read the content of the document aloud – English text from a German voice is neither useful nor nice.