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Faux bullet lists

Especially at hectic times even the most professional layouter might skip a few steps and manually create the appearance of a list without using proper list formatting. In such cases text is created in a way that makes it impossible to assign standard tags for lists to the tags (which in turn decreases the usefulness of tagged PDF exported from such content). The "faux bullet list" Problem locator locates text portions that look like lists but which have not been formatted like lists.

Note: The nice thing about how InDesign CS5.5 handles list in articles on export to tagged PDF is, that it takes care of proper tagging (just set the standard tag to "Automatic" when you "Edit all Export Tags..." for any style sheet that formats text as a list.

Run the "Locate faux bullet lists" Problem locator

Faux List locator finds one sequence of paragraphs that represent a list but are not formatted as a list

The normal procedure to fix this would be to adjust the paragraph style sheet for this text such that it applies the list formatting. In addition, the manually inserted "bullets" would have to be removed as they would be inserted automatically by the style sheet.

A much faster way is to click on the "Fix" button and let MadeToTag do the work for you. You can either request that new style sheet is created based on the text formatting in the faux list, or in case you already have a paragraph style sheet that fits the purpose, choose that one instead (<adeToTag will still remove the unnecessary manually inserted bullets for you).

Faux list has been fixed by MadeToTag

In the example, the "Locate faux list" Problem locator has created a new style sheet "Bullet list {001}" on the fly and applied it to the text. Now, the text is properly formatted as a list and will export nicely into tagged PDF - while still having the same appearance as before.