Release notes axaio MadeToTag

The complete list of new features, bug fixes and changes of the latest versions can be found here:

MadeToTag version 1.9.087


  • New pdfEngine version integrated
  • File extension when choosing export file does no more contain “indd”

Bug fixes:

  • Problem locator “Locate insufficient visual contrast” does fix colors again
  • When creating list paragraph styles with “Locate faux lists” numbering of lists start at 1 for new lists
  • Fixed “ATT Error” when exporting tagged tables
  • Book export enhanced for books with lots of documents

MadeToTag version 1.9.086


  • New pdfEngine version integrated
  • Linking of Footnotes
  • Tables can be tagged as “layout table”

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash in optimizing anchored frames
  • Fixed an InDesign bug where rotated anchored frames were shifted
  • Fixed a problem with unstable behavior while PDF post processing
  • Fixed a problem where PDF bookmarks was removed
  • Fixed a problem with wrong PDF bookmark structure
  • Fixed a problem where the Preview was not properly generated
  • Fixed a problem where heading levels were not merged in all valid cases
  • Fixed a problem where form fields template was sometimes not found
  • Fixed a problem where Metadata and alternate text review failed on some documents
  • Fixed a problem where export did not work with some file names
  • Fixed a problem with advanced table tagging
  • Fixed a problem where Table of Contents was not optimized

MadeToTag version 1.8.082


  • “Reduce structure to predefined types“ (will flatten tags to P, H1, H2, etc. not using role map)
  • Updated pdf post processing engine (pdfEngineSDK 9.1.411)
  • Stability of export process improved

Bug fixes:

  • Table tagging (ATT) did mix up order of tables
  • Table tagging (ATT) could not applied to some tables
  • Table of Contents (TOC) could sometimes not be found
  • Reshuffle Anchored Frames (RAF) was not successful
  • RAF and TOC left some dummy images inside the PDF
  • InDesign did hang on second export or preview


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